Cheerful young people lying down and making snow angels in the mountain, holding hands. Wears ski wear and gloves, knit hats and ski goggles. High angle view.

Winter ’18

It’s officially winter!  Yes it’s time to dig out the boots, gloves, snowsuit and shovel.  The change in season will bring snowstorms, freezing rain and frigid temperatures.  After we enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, winter can get a little dreary and tiresome. But alas, Canada is a world renowned winter wonderland and has a lot to offer during these winter months.  There are many fun and exciting winter activities and festivities.


You can enjoy a day of skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing or tobogganing.  If you get cold a plate of poutine or a cup of hot chocolate while sitting by the fire will warm you right up…..but don’t forget to brush afterwards!


Here are some winter Canadian events and festivals that should be on everyone’s bucket list:


Carnaval de QuebecQuebec City


Quebec’s Winter Carnival is the largest winter festival in the world and dates back to 1894.  There are various competitions such as dog sledding, canoe and sleigh racing, Things really get hopping when thousands descend for the night parade, ushered in by the boisterous Bonhomme and his naughty knights.




Ottawa’s annual Winterlude festival draws over half a million people. This is North America’s largest snow playground and the world’s longest ice rink along the Rideau Canal (8 km long!!!) Ice-Skating shows, a triathlon, as well as an annual Bed Race take place along this strip.


Winter Festival of LightsNiagara Falls


Most of Niagara is illuminated during this annual festival, with over 125 animated lighting displays and three million tree and ground lights creating a wonderful winter wonderland. A rainbow of spotlights illuminate the waterfalls to spectacular effect. Concerts, performances and fireworks add to the festivities. Over one million people attend the Winter Festival of Lights with entrance free by donation.


Festival du VoyageurWinnipeg


This annual festival celebrates the history and culture of the fur traders who discovered and explored Eastern Canada in the late 17th and early 18th century. Initially operating outside the law these French fur traders became known as voyageurs. They used canoes to carry furs and supplies to various outposts including one called Fort Rouge which eventually became Winnipeg. Held in the French Quarter (Saint Boniface), the Festival du Voyageur includes various events, music, a torchlight walk, beard growing contest and celebration of Cajun culture.


From all of us at Dentistry on Liverpool, we would like to wish you and your family fun in the snow wherever you go and only health and happiness for the new year!!


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