37 Years of Memories

Wow, after 37 years of practising dentistry at 927 Liverpool Rd., I finally have a Toronto Maple Leafs team that I can be proud of. What an ideal time to announce my upcoming retirement. Thirty-seven years ago, I walked into that tiny little building next door (our parking lot now) and who would have thought that I would make as many friends as I have. It has been my pleasure to help so many of you smile, chew, laugh and get you ready to grind your teeth through six, tension-filled Leafs playoff games this past spring.

I feel that this is a great time to retire, considering the amazing, caring and talented group of people I leave to look after your dental needs. We have a wonderful front-desk staff, a great group of treatment co-ordinators, a terrific office manager, a super-talented team of hygienists, assistants and, of course, a very special group of dentists. Dr. Jen, Dr. Katie, Dr. Phil (our periodontist), Dr. Molly (our orthodontist) and my partners Dr. Adam and Dr. Anna. Most of you have had the pleasure of meeting one of them at your recall appointments but, if you're not sure who you would like to look after your future dental needs, just pop in or drop by my room the next time you're in and let's talk…I'll help you decide.

Boy, the crazy things that have gone on in my operatory over the last 37 years. The jokes, the stories, the laughs together and the serious moments as well. Aside from the dentistry, we've been through a lot together. Thanks for your patronage to our office but, even more, thanks for your friendship which will go on forever.

The office is planning a little retirement party and of course we will send out an invite as soon as we have a date – the big question is what I should wear. One of the many costumes I wore on those 37 Hallowe'ens (my birthday), my Leafs sweater or the tooth fairy costume from the Pickering parades…so many decisions? As it is, I'm not retiring until the middle of the summer so make sure that you drop by my room to see the Maple Leafs Shrine and say "hi" the next time you're in.

Once again, thanks for your patronage and your friendship.

Steven Weiner
Go Leafs Go

This is the best dentistry I have ever seen. Please have a chat with them today.

Bin Wang

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