Goodbye Summer ’18

And just like that, another summer is coming to an end; if only it could last just a little longer….

You can already feel the crisp air as the sun sets in the evening. There are only a couple of weekends left to enjoy the beach, BBQs, picnics, and the joy and laughter of the kids playing outside. Summer days always seem to fly by way to quickly, in a blink of an eye it will be over. Although the fall season is beautiful, don’t let the summer go by without soaking up the last little bit of sunshine!

Here are a few suggestions to enjoy before the summer ends:

Go out with the family for some ice cream. Not just a little spoon from your freezer, get out there and enjoy a crazy ice cream dessert. It may not be healthy but once in a while it’s okay to splurge! You can work it off with a nice brisk walk or bike ride. Go on a road trip with some friends. Explore a town or city you have never been too. Or head to the beach and make the best of the few remaining days of beach weather……before you know it you’ll be wearing winter boots and jackets. Visit a farmers market and support the fresh bounty of locally grown fruits and vegetables. It will also give you an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into farming and putting quality food on our tables. It’s a happy time for us parents……. but not so happy for the kids as the end of summer means back to school! Homework, projects, after-school activities, etc., etc. For parents, it is back to a routine and making lunches…ugh. How about this year getting your kids involved in making their lunches? Studies show that kids are more likely to eat what they’ve helped prepare. Perhaps purchase a new lunch box with compartments which is not only good for the environment but will make it easier to organize snacks and portion fruits and veggies. When kids have a healthy daily diet they are energized and more likely to concentrate and excel. Remember the human body requires the right fuel to perform at the highest level.

Goodbye summer 2018, we had a blast, can’t wait until next year!

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