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Before & After Smile Gallery

Check out these before and after cases of our real patients treated by our dentists at Dentistry on Liverpool.*

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Case Study 1

This patient has undergone a comprehensive orthodontics treatment, cosmetic crown lengthening surgery, 6 eMax crowns and Zoom teeth whitening.

Case Study 2

To address several factors affecting this patient's dentition, we applied a treatment protocol combining Invisalign® and veneers. The result is a youthful-looking, healthy and lovely smile and a patient thrilled with the outcome!

Case Study 3

This patient was unsatisfied with the colour and shape of their teeth. Through the use of whitening and restoration with four porcelain veneers, we were able to create a beautiful appearance that enabled them to smile confidently again.

Case Study 4

The result of this Zoom!® whitening treatment far exceeded this patient's expectations. They were thrilled with their bright new smile!

Case Study 5

This patient had poorly aligned dentition and overgrowth of the surrounding bone, which had caused disfigurement. Their teeth were chipped and broken by the time they came to us. We treated them with extractions, oral surgery, a complete mouth reconstruction, and full upper denture and complete lower over-denture.

Case Study 6

This periodontal procedure revealed tooth structure that was previously concealed beneath the soft tissues. Esthetic crown lengthening was performed by Dr. Philip Walton.

Case Study 7

To improve this patient’s dental symmetry and aesthetics, we used bonding to reshape diminutive (small) teeth. This was accomplished without drilling the teeth.

Case Study 8

This patient had unfortunately fallen and broken off portions of their front teeth. We used bonding to restore their teeth to their original appearance.

Case Study 9

This complete dental makeover involved a bridge to replace the patient’s missing tooth, as well as crowns and veneers to reshape and protect the front teeth.

Case Study 10

This transformation began with braces to reposition the patient’s teeth. That was followed by gum surgery, implants and a sinus lift surgery. The treatment was completed with crowns and veneers. 

*Individual results may vary. 

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