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Welcome to Dentistry on Liverpool

Dentistry on Liverpool is a modern dental practice that serves Pickering and the surrounding areas.

With both dentists and dental specialists on staff, Dentistry on Liverpool can offer a range of general and cosmetic dental services. Our team aims to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and we thank you for choosing us to care for your oral health!

We strive to go above and beyond in providing you with friendly, quality dental care. We always try to prioritize your comfort and peace of mind during each of your visits.

We work as one, at your pace, to guide you as gently and painlessly as possible toward the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

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Pickering Dentist

Meet Our Pickering Dentists

Aiming for a healthier smile? Our team of dental professionals are here to help.

Our Dentists
  • Dr. Anna Aleinikov

    General Dentist

    As the managing dentist of Dentistry on Liverpool, Dr. Anna strives to treat her patients just as she would like to be treated. She aims to ensure that each patient has a comfortable and positive experience.

    Dr. Anna completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Toronto which she followed by a residency at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. She also completed an externship at the Vrietuniversitat in Amsterdam. She has a passion for providing cosmetic dental services and is certified in Invisalign® and BOTOX® administration.

    In her nearly three decades in dentistry, she has dedicated much time to charitable causes, including missions to Peru and Guatemala with Kindness in Action. Dr. Anna has also provided dental treatment to First Nations reserves in Northern Ontario.

    Along with her husband and three daughters, Dr. Anna enjoys adventurous travel and family time at the cottage. To stay fit, she enjoys running, cycling and yoga and loves gardening, cooking and entertaining. She may even blast dance music during your treatment – especially if you happen to like Sia, Avicii or Sean Paul. Her best days start with coffee and end with red wine.

  • Dr. Adam Maisels

    General Dentist

    Dr. Maisels received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, graduating with distinction. His academic excellence is a testament to his deep understanding of the dental sciences and his commitment to patient-centred care. Dr. Maisels has been practicing general dentistry for over 16 years. As a managing dentist and owner of Dentistry on Liverpool, he enjoys providing excellent patient care and enmeshing himself in the Pickering community.

    Dr. Maisels enjoys practicing all aspects of general dentistry and has a passion for minimally invasive comprehensive treatment. To provide the most current and updated care to his patients he devotes himself to furthering his clinical knowledge and skills by regularly attending continuing education courses.

    He is a member of the Ontario Dental association, an active member of the Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club and a certified Invisalign provider. He is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and completed implant training with the Misch International Implant Institute and an externship with Live Implant Training in Guadalajara Mexico. Continued participation in both a Biohorizon’s implant continuum and a Spear study group keeps his knowledge and skill set current.

    Outside of his practice, Dr. Maisels enjoys sports and rooting on the Jays, Leafs and Raptors but often finds himself disappointed along with most Toronto fans! In between chauffeuring his children he enjoys being active outdoors as an avid skier and golfer. He was ahead of the COVID Peloton trend and has clocked in over 1100 rides and counting. He is a barbecue fanatic who’s happiest when tending the coals on one of his barbecues while creating a memorable meal for family and friends.

    Motivated by his kids, Dr. Maisels began learning to play the guitar at the start of the pandemic. He enjoys the challenge that accompanies starting something new and looks forward to the sense of relaxation that comes along with strumming at the end of a hectic day. He is open to your playlist suggestions in the office — just be wary he may start to sing even if he doesn’t know the words!

  • Dr. Carolyn Karr

    General Dentist

    Dr. Karr's interest in dentistry began early, and rather abruptly, when she was informed she needed all four primary molars extracted. Her dentist was wise enough to reward her bravery with three dollars after each appointment. So began her path into the profession.

    Dr. Karr completed a Bachelor’s of Science and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Western University, followed by an Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Connecticut.

    She has regularly participated in dental outreach programs in places like Northern Ontario, Connecticut and Jamaica.

    After-hours, Dr. Karr works out to songs from her favourite musicals, like Defying Gravity from “Wicked”. She will quite happily sing Disney songs to her child patients – who have unanimously declared her “Best Dentist Ever.”

  • Dr. Katharine Waks

    General Dentist

    When Dr. Waks was young, she had oral surgery twice, braces twice, intensive jaw splint therapy and then permanent retainers (which she wears to this day!). Her two kids have also endured their share of dental ups and downs, including braces and oral surgery.

    Thus, Dr. Waks came into dentistry with a mission. Her desire has always been to try and eliminate as much of the anxiety and pain as possible for patients. Call it a case of “been there, done that, don’t want others to suffer.” Dr. Waks tries to be approachable, detail-oriented and aesthetically minded.

    Dr. Waks earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences (with distinction) at Western University, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

    She also collects and creates art. When not working on a new piece, she is creating delicious meals with her family. She’s also an Apple Fitness, Madfit, and Beachbody aficionado, waking up at 5:30 am daily to get her work-out in before the day begins. Of course, she balances that out with regular Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzards.

  • Dr. Navneet Brar

    General Dentist

    Dr. Brar was born and raised in Winnipeg. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Winnipeg and then went on to pursue a Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Manitoba. She moved to Toronto shortly after graduating and has been practicing dentistry in Toronto since.

    Dr. Brar strives to make her patients feel comfortable during their dental treatment and looks forward to providing treatment tailored to your needs.

    Dr. Brar loves to volunteer and give back to her community. She was the head of the volunteering committee while in dental school and helped plan events centred around oral health.

    During her free time, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, biking and travelling. Be sure to ask Dr. Brar about the 25-plus countries she has had the opportunity to explore!

  • Dr. Mario Murillo


    Denturist Murillo earned a Degree in Dentistry from the Central University of Venezuela, following it with an internship in maxillofacial surgery at the West General Hospital. He taught prosthodontics at the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho University Dental School, later receiving an Advanced Dental Surgery Diploma from the Anzoategui Dental Board.

    Since immigrating to Canada, Mario has worked as both a denture technician and denturist, while founding his own private practice, Dentime Denture Clinic. With this experience, Mario brings an understanding of prosthetic treatment and how to match prosthetics to patient needs.

    Mario has applied his range of experience as a denturist to try and master the art and science of producing aesthetically pleasing and functionally correct dentures.

    His grandfather owned a movie theatre and, growing up, his dad would always sneak him in to see the latest features. As a long-time cinephile, Mario still mourns the lost era of Blockbuster and VHS rentals.

  • Dr. Philip Walton


    Dr. Walton’s fascination with dentistry began at a young age and was encouraged by his father, also a dentist.

    He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto, along with a Master's of Medical Sciences in Periodontology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He completed externships at the University of Michigan and overseas at King’s College London School of Medicine and Dentistry in England.

    Dr. Walton is an active member of the periodontic community as a lecturer.

    When he’s not busy with all that, he likes water skiing with his wife and kids at the cottage. He’s a big proponent of innovation and philanthropy and frequent ice-cold showers.

  • Dr. Ramesh Agrawal

    General Dentist

    Dr. Agrawal is a foreign trained orthodontist, but achieved his Canadian General Practitioner license in less than 1 year.

    Dr. Agrawal understands that orthodontic treatment can be a life-changing decision. A patient must not only select an excellent doctor, but an office with a quality staff too. For this reason, he and his team strive to provide the highest level of professionalism. He can also cater to a wide range of communities by providing his services to various dental clinics in GTA.

    Dr. Agrawal can offer orthodontic braces to suit every income and lifestyle, including Invisalign. Invisalign Teen, Metal braces, ceramic braces, myofunctional appliance, expander, habit breaking appliances, Mini Dental Implants (TAD). He is a successful Invisalign Platinum Provider for 2022.

    To quote Dr. Agrawal: “Brace yourself and enjoy the ride. I would say that it’s a beautiful journey rather than a long treatment."

    In addition to his busy schedule, Dr. Agrawal also enjoys teaching foreign trained dentists and helping them pursue their dream of practicing dentistry in Canada. In his free time, he loves to spend time with family and friends. He enjoys reading books, exploring natural scenic beauty and long drives.

Change the Look of Your Smile

Our dentists offer a range of cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and full-mouth restorations to help you achieve a more confident and attractive smile.

Cosmetic Dental Services

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The range of amenities at our Pickering dental clinic help keep your dental appointments running smoothly.

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A Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign clear aligners can be a discreet orthodontic treatment option for adults and teens in Pickering.

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Invisalign is virtually invisible as it gradually moves each tooth into place.

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Dental Implants in Pickering

At Dentistry on Liverpool, our dental implants can restore your smile and your self-confidence.

We understand that missing teeth can cause a host of insecurities and concerns about being perceived negatively by others. Because of this, you are likely seeking a permanent and fixed solution.

Dental implants can offer a natural look and feel just like a regular tooth, allowing you to regain your confidence. And because they are fixed, you can speak and eat without having to worry about them falling out. 

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Find Us in Pickering

We are directly across from the Peace Lutheran Church at the Liverpool and Bayly Street intersection, just south of Highway 401 and the Pickering GO Station.

Contact & Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Aiming for a straighter, whiter smile? Our team of dental professionals are here to help.

  • Are you open on weekends?

    We recognize that many of our patients have busy weekdays, so at Dentistry on Liverpool we offer weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule, so you and your family can receive dental care when it suits you best. Our weekend hours vary, so we recommend checking our website or calling our office to confirm availability and schedule an appointment.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Absolutely! We are always happy to welcome new patients into our dental family. Whether you’re seeking routine care, have a specific dental issue, or are interested in cosmetic procedures, we’re here to provide personalized dental care. Please contact our clinic to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your best smile!

  • Do you provide dental services for children?

    At Dentistry on Liverpool in Pickering, we’re proud to offer comprehensive dental care for children. Our team is experienced in working with young patients and is committed to making their dental visits as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We provide various dental services to support your child's oral health journey.

  • Do you accept emergency patients?

    We understand that dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Our team will attempt to accommodate you as soon as we can.

  • How do I prepare for my first appointment?

    For your first appointment, here’s how you and your family can prepare:

    • Have your identification and insurance cards ready.
    • If applicable, fill out any digital intake forms you may have received.
    • Bring a list of any medications you are taking.
    • If possible, bring copies of previous dental records and X-rays.
    • Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to complete any last-minute paperwork.
    • Note any questions or concerns about your oral health to discuss with the dentist.
    Following these steps can help ensure a smooth and efficient first visit, allowing you to focus on discussing your dental health with your new dentist.

  • What services do you offer?

    At Dentistry on Liverpool, our team is committed to providing personalized dental care for the entire family. We offer a broad range of services to maintain and improve oral health, including children's dentistry, teeth whitening, veneers, emergency dentistry, dental implants, teeth extractions, and more. We strive to create a comfortable, welcoming environment where your comfort and dental wellness are our top priority.

New Patients Always Welcome

Looking for a dentist in Pickering? We're happily accepting new patients at our dental clinic! Contact us to get started today. 

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