Summer ’17

The calendar tells us that summer has finally arrived. Lets hope that the warm, sunny weather follows. Kids are out of school, BBQs are starting, cottage country is heating up and local fairs provide excitement for all.

Although summertime is fun and enjoyable, you still have to take care of your oral health. Don’t forget to protect your lips from the sun – use SPF 15+ lip balm daily.

Good hydration is especially important when enjoying our long summer days. To prevent enamel erosion and tooth decay, avoid beverages filled with acid and sugar. This includes sports/energy drinks, soda, and juice. Nothing beats ice cold water on a hot summer day. Try adding lemon or fresh fruit as a nutritious and delicious way to mix it up. These same principles apply to snacks. Try to keep them healthy with fruits and vegetables including carrots, apples, cucumbers, nectarines and celery. These crunchy items are good for your teeth too – they help increase saliva production which washes away food particles and neutralizes acid.

Make the most of summer and don’t forget to brush and floss after each meal!

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